About AdAppTive | Adapptive

AdAppTive is the engine and powerhouse behind our ability to provide a unique service to Publishers and Advertisers to provide relevant and targeted advertising to their customers. As a trusted third party we use AdAppTive to safely and securely analyse subscriber and customer data and through this serve targeted advertising campaigns that make maximum use of available advertising budgets.

What does it need to work? – Subscriber data from Publishers, Customer Data from Advertisers and complementary data from available commercial sources.

How does it work? – We use mathematical learning and matching algorithms developed using Artificial Intelligence and modelling techniques based round the latest ‘Big Data’ management methodologies.

What does it deliver? It’s simple – The right adverts to the right person at the right time.

Meet The Team

  • David McIntosh
  • Chairman & Investor Director
  • Marcus Brook
  • CEO & Founder
  • John Noble
  • COO & Founder
  • Ian Ritchie
  • Investor Board Member
  • Mike Davidson
  • CFO
  • Heather Whybrow
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sally Summerhayes
  • Publisher Account Director
  • Alan Steele
  • Business Development Executive
  • Chris Willis
  • Business Development Executive
  • Agis Chartsias
  • Software Engineer
  • Mark McDougall
  • Data Scientist
  • Euan Wilson-Watt
  • AdAppTive Support